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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  September 3, 2013 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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everyone's in the spirit of sring. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ melissa: i am melissa frances. i am so excited. the bst show ever. i understand you may not have time watch all day every day like we do so as a special treat i am for you the bst java dropping stories some that are not even in the like neil cavuto unbelievable interview with john mcafee and then also became a murder suspect he is like a car crash parker you cannot look the way. also our very own charlie gasparino. give him credit he always goes for it.
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i promise you will not be disappointed. no er how much we prepare behind the scenes sometimes thgs n't go the way we play and we have a few intervws that turned out even better than expected although not for the of right reasons. en if they say it's not, it's always about mon. missa: first up for your holiday viewing pleasure the astonishing interview that my idol nil cavuto did with the unpredictable of the very wealthy founderof mcafee virus software. he is known for his eccentric behavior and he has the interview with the
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of regis' video that mcafee made. some call him the mad genius bayou judge for yourself. >> what made you do that? >> the press said they put a number of labels on meat and they seemed to be sticking so why not lampoon then myself? >> what were those labels? >> that i surrounded myself with guns and women i was paranoid that paranoia grant that you took three of four seconds on was an example. so on the desk i had to labeled basalts and was supporting them with rifle m face at the end. i agreed to make fun of themed neil: velez taco what you have started and what you build of course, the entire
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virus powerhouse's value put out a video that the strikes peoe how to remove thethat program from computers. why did you do that? >> one of the things that became very apparent to mery was the news blips that all internet stories that hadik comments allowed half of thein comments were a wish they s would hang a man for making such terrible software. i haven't had anything to docomp with the company in over15 years or anything to do with, the quality of the software. if you don't like it here is how to uninstall it. neil: do not like mcafee software today? >> i do not use anti-virus software. i just practice safe computing
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neil: people havell call you the toadies stark character the iron man that the elaborate business titan, playboy, is that true ? >> the certainly called me that. they called me that tony stark of the cyberworld. if it is true or not, i am just two i am. s i live my life and say what i want to say and do what i want to do. neil: when it comes to the money issue at the risk of pushingthis to extremes, tony stark loses asuma fortune coming gets a back, presumably the thought wasr u lost a fortune and got a lot of it back with thefe books and movies that could be if speethree knew in toee make the the subject.
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thank god i'm not doing that anymore.or money is very easy to make there is lots of money floating around kpi it is the problem. melissa: good stuff. that is not even half of it he also spoke to mcafee about edward snowden on what advice he could offer. listen to this. >> it staff -- sounds like what he did was good weather his intentions were noble iscide up to be decided?>> >> here is what i feel. any disclosure of any information, why should we be kept on the dark for anything?lt we're all adults i want ton know what is happening in my int world otherwise a in the dark myths so i am behind
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him let's find out what the y world is all about and whati the government did. t don't you want to know know, people?ls i do. to that extent i back him fully., h i am behind his coura. he has the courage to do something knowing the redskins now he is on the run having been on the run i many times in my life the first of many in mexico it know how frightening that t can be and he is half my age i thi if he was here i could give him a vice. neil:hi what would you tell him?ne >> number one. stay in hong the back alleys are victorious they you could disappear and become one ofc the masses. the chinese government has an interest to track him down in the there will they
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cooperate. neil: you'll think the chinese has an interest. >> i'll stay in hong kong absolutely. melissa: like katy says he is not tried give him the legal advice. deal with not let him go without addressing the huge murder scandal he was caught up with. don't move. that is up next and a w fantastic information featuring charlie
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melissa: o we are back with a final portion of the mcafee madness the big headlines last fall centered ound the murder scandal he
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is seemingly being implicated. while authorities never actually arrested him, afee was made to look like he was involved or the murder. so neil cavuto asked him directly about what happened check it out. >> i had a running battle with the government sincey the day they stormed my a property six months earlier with 42 armed soldiers and shot my dogfe and handcuffing me they're releasing the was: w no charges. neil: this was before the murder of the 52 year-old expatriate. why? >> i made a mistake oftric moving to a district thatal was the poorest districts average salary is $56 per day. i had conspicuous wealth with brand-new automobiles, large houses, it's clearly a lot of many a.ates melissa:. neil: and similar there were expatriate's also?
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>> but they were living in the san pedro i was living in the so i was advised that if i donated $2 million i would get all kinds of benefitsvern from the government like land and tax benefits. i had no businesses and i said no. later my property was t stormed and that happened in one week after that they said had reconsidered your decision? i said no.d immediately called the u.s. press cover the british press anyone who would listen and told my story. that began a running warn with the belize government that ended in the death of my neighbor and the convenient ability to put meu in jail they can hold youg dayto file charges if they are not satisfied they can renew for another 60 days to go on forever i would have been in jail neil:re you knew that the 52 year-old expatriate?
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there have been some arguments in the past that you sought days of for tha you fired dogs were presental so they say there was a pattern of ill will between you to? >> interest i spoke less than 50 words to the man then the time that i livedf thereei provide had 11 dogs than they bark. i was upset with my dogs. neil: whothem? i don't know. i thought it was the government they shot one in front of my eyes i thoughtt it was more harassment from the govement. not to be little the death of my neighbor, is a tragedy it is the murder capital of the world i. neil: c were ner accused iran sti to this day butpe your personal interest --
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person of interest but you got out of their?en >> after 6.five lens of fighting the government withd, weekly harassment i realized cannot live here anymore purpose they collect before questioning i want t get out of prison.t i simply refuse to be collected i ward disguise and slept in the jungle an moved from place to place in a the monthsnd and a half intel i escaped into guatemala. neil: you could eat paid d their aention somehow. what type of disguises did you use? >> i favorite enhanced the inkles on my face with eyeliner, i dyed my hair white using cornstarch in my hair and my big -- beard beard, got a cane, a unblocked with the shuffle. t
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it is easy to disguse yourself if you distract attention from you like the way you walk, what you kerry , the way you stand.i h so i was able to escape butbl i did have to go out of public but yet i was not detected once. neil: the you have such a ecognizable face.ef said going back to that many saying he left all assets belize. would be doi now?ng >> i am working on a feature-length documentarys and a feature-length film inn, george hugh is in prison 19 years he is the charactere the movie blow was based on.
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but i am keeping busy. melissa: i told you that would not disappoint the only disappointing was we didn't have time to replace the entire thing for you. next we will bring you some of the best financial fights you have seeing courtesy of fox business chaie gasparino. and to t it off we have our very own version from the videos that will lea you laugh out loud. can you ever have too much money? no way.ñ@ç@çpçpçpç÷ñoxmhmhyh
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melissa: if you watched him you have got to love him. charlock -- charlie gasparino the reporter that does weber takes to get a good story. you have to give him credit
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because he does not ever back down it makes for great reporting and lucky for us also some terrific tv and here is a quick taste of the battle roy all he had over charges against hedge fund giant and new jersey governor john course signed. >> i read most of the 46 pages of one word i have not seen the you put out is the word fraud. are you charging john corporation said with a civil fraud? >> no. he is charged with violations of the law with regard to segregated funds. that is customer many. >> i know that. >> it is a violation of that >> a lot of people would say this is week you cannot charge the ceo of a company that obviously this used funds you can borrow customer funds been have to put a back that day we know
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that's. >> no. >> are you sure? i am not going to argue with you about the law. >> i know what i am talking about. >> why are you charging it with aud? if he did that was so bad then i don't see a fraud charge is seen as outrages. it is digest me i have been inundated from the mails with them if global customers still have not gotten their money back some have gotten 70 percent three years later you hit with a charge that is not a fraud that quite frankly two years later we rode on fox business., he didn't have the proper controls in place two years ago it took two years to come up with us? >> send out the fox business police and we will deputizes them. >> i will do that and bri the charges in one week. >> i will tell you the law in how. >> i would rather tell you what the report said.
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melissa: that was fine sit tight because we have more classic charlie as has been reported for months digit hedge fund sec capital is pledge-- played with top traders the feds trying very hard to pin down steve steve:although he has not been charged himself although the firm is hit with charges this summer that very day he fought with private investigator brodie dole in the close personal friend of steve cohen. what this. >> you sa he tested you? >> he said say we want to say. he has nothing to hide just watching this interview with united states attorney was just circumstanal that aside by detectives were in
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salsa they want to indict me? >> but to say i might smack somebody? is that what you do? >> item know what he knew but people came up to him and told him about high conviction levels and gave him the hint that they made in trading on inside information if you again being a hit from the security guard what would ou do? >> we if i trusted he wouldn't do it. charlie: would you tell him not to do that? >> did he learn that or is he assuming that? >> it is circumstantial if he has something on stephen then why like this? i don't believe they do. number two i worry about that these guys were convicted and what deals were made. charlie: i know you with a
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security guard said i hate that sob you would say don't do that. >> i like stephen and his wife very much to when you're not in answering the questions per you ask why did he knew? you are presuming to give a thousand people working for you with a couple of creeps doing something. charlie: they say he might not have known it was insider information. >> it is not criminal may be civil stuff if he paid the fine maybe that will work melissa: if you knew somebody was ripping somebody off? >> you have to sit here to tell me that my friend in new they were getting inside information? >> you grew up in queens? you know, bs and as you sit here today you find where
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they should have been known to have xyz. >> i will tell you something right now. wherever he goes in the world he trades his own stock he says there from 9:00 throughour-o'clock her card cannot talk to him he sits in front of the computer. charlie: you are a cop. >> yes pay he looks at this. charlie: you were a cop and let me ask you this but when you sought a place you saw the illegal activity but the guy that owns it is a nice guy. >> who i see is the guy looks at the vibration of corporations and property loss. i see a guy who sits in front of a computer.
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charlie: ims saying he is a mobster every you know, how to get him. but when you went aft them and saw criminal activity civic concern how much criminal activity happens over your 47 street? was go after those that think did the person that was working in the industry betting on corporations about successful miss use of property? charlie: you were a copy would have fled for the case >> would not do the circumstantial. the when you would not have investigat? >> yes i have to have a smoking gun for criminal activity. melissa: those are some of the highlights up next more outgeous moments well worth watching. like the one i spoke to them
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and closing went to pot. foods and interview is -- tree is to interview this man? piles of money coming up.
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melissa: sometimes things don't go the way we expect despite our bes efforts and advance planning. this was supposed to be about product placement for p that seems ridiculous but once we start it did not take long before this went off the rails. check it out. >> i want to start about bragging because i am told you of the one that went out to pick the arabian for tom cruise to where it in risky business 350,000 pairs ofse
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those sold in only a few months. r also picked may cry and with what she wore her when harry met sally and even i had a pair so in this case is who was paying you to pick those and how did you benefit? >> figure for having me. loved your book by the way. it depes which studio sometimes it is thehe production company that will pay me and with risky business those were handled by a unique product placeme soti they brought me into the anti-reflective lenses soe da back then you had to be licens optician with the state medical board in order to make a and reflectivelens lens. melissa: so arabian just gotdu
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lucky by virtue of placement? that is amazing.d >> they got luckyth let's move on to pot. so what are you trying to achieve? does it have a bad image? don't a lot of people wanted ?s >> of modern day consumer are single moms liked me what i wanted to accomplish with my cannabis use after cancer wanted might children to be proud of me not ashamed eyes started to develop a vaporizers normally when you see it in m a movie this through a bond -- bong. melissa: the mority ofw, single moms? >> a spokesperson for marijuana mom's there are 80 million women across the
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world that literally are looking to enhance their lives. fincas mother's little helpern the '60s that was very young. today is abusing a glass ofhe wine and using a alcohol cannabis is safer with no calories and less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. and also a lot of men comingy i me choose to use cannabis whether through a vaporizer that weake and use that to relax. melissa:here may be people yelling at the television but disagreeing but that is not the point. s we will not tackle that but it's how you are moving topl get this place in movies. b have you had pushed back from people that don't agree and they want the moms to ben high while they take care of the kids on tv? y
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here you areou actively being paid and working hard to get the image into movies. you must get some angry letters? n >> actually cannasro approval ratings are at the all-time high with foxnbc business or cnn or cnbc that people, there are medicat chocolate's the it is not the old school dirty bong with the people in the alley way to a modern consumerom women like me who work in the corporate world and a highly educated and opposite it is people coming out oflo the closet with a lifestyle choice so with televisionsa and get thousands of femalesss t that say thank you so much for allowing me to have the empowerment.i melissa: i have no doubt we will get a of the bills on this. thinking fo coming.
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we did get quite a reaction from the interview but you have to it mitt you could not stop watching it. if you really want to watch crazy than next is a must see with that and shapiro to stepped-up to have a hard hitting interview with paul placed the lollipops' from the very first question we knew this would be special. watch says spanish how should i address you? how what it should i call you? thc is the chemical that gets you high? >>. >> would have to present have. >> that is different that has three tenths o the content but we'd has a new mayor from 2% and 20% thc so this would not get you high. >> actually 30 we have strands' like l
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teethirteen it is the government issued street and the thc content is 20% r cubic have strands like pro scout cookie that is 30%. >> thc is a controlled c substance i find a hard to believe the n.y.p.d. is nots arresting you because that would be illegal. >> exactly that is why whene states that it is in legalntag fees one had to present have >> right to doesn't have the same content but those states that it is legal how was business? >> business is severed legaland/ and illegal whether have for , business is wonderful. >> what kind of reaction do you get when they see youren truck? show them. they stand out. >> people tend to get excited week the people we wouldn't see in a lifetime. people call the police to
12:37 am
sa we're selling marijuana and do something about it. >> are you franchising? how much are you making?ake? you have the commerce. >> we have sevel hummers and a couple dozen vehicles across t country. we just started a fnchise two weeks ago. >>, etch does that cost? >> 100,000. >> that is more than a m subway. but quick, you have all the vehicles, to gross per yearyear nationwide? >> i will love my lawyer get into that exchang. [laughter] meliss don't you love it how he stands there in front of cops but with the money question he says he will lead his lawyer answer that. up next to really calls the financial shots in your home? we get the real truth and find out married couples are not just divided you could
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live in a parallel universe you will get a good laugh i promise. also now that dogs have their own and not to know we have to do a focus group. stick around at the end of the day it is all about hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling,
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or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling hands, legs and feet. don'drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol probl may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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if. melissa: as you know, we have conersations here to get a realistic da jewelweed in the news for the reason is this study was released who makes the financial decisions between married couples. of course, we jumped right into that with their own favorite guest charles payne , julie and tony. watching other. melissa: i love for example, whenever astarte the primary financial decision maker, a 69 percent said yes.
12:42 am
barely 13 percent agreed. there is a little bit of a disconnect we see are you in charge of making the decisions? they said yes than the spell said no.ou what do you think about, ar that? >> my wife and i make every a decision 50/50. >> come o.t [laughter] give me a break.reak emi name is ward cleaver not tony. the statistics do not shocko me at all there is thus a natural opposition spo relationship between thi spouses. when the husband ising something in the wife takes or vice versa why shouldn't be any different? the we know who makes the real big decisions and it is so women.h >> my husband says this is fin cool.
12:43 am
he said i don't make decisions know i don't. >> nobody is in charge at your house. [laughter] i am worried foryour finances. >> are you in charge? >> i think the wife will figure out a way to have the he is inehink charge that is where you t have the difference. i know how they do abouthe wife and kids are typically in charge but you could switch it up and say who makes the financiaec decisions to make the spending decisions my wife is completely in charge. s >> she does the purchase isfutu but you plan for the future? >> i feel that i plan for the futurefutu. but she has a direct relationship with ups and ben back -- and fedexre
12:44 am
because every time i come sho home i tripped over a box.goin >> i hear that credit-card cing right now. [laughter] melissa: and what percentage is yours or your husband's? >> but if it wasn't for me everyone in my house woulduse be walking around naked. sho snowshoes them constantly gettingas items if i was noteo out purchasingpl, me but haved! nothing we would have no food. nothing. >> that is what my wife says t she makes the decisions because she thinks about everybody equally i think aboutg myself then have one major thing to worry about is bringing home the many and feed the beastbu.
12:45 am
>>t is the lifestyle of the house.e >> maybe you bring home the bacon. >> good thing you're not in the studio. >> what do you think about that? >> my mom was the primary breadwinner i certainly am in my family.orce women are 54 percent of theot work forc we are out there. >> but in those households is fantastic my wife wenti back to workth and i think it is great. it is not i don't think they should work but it is the man who worry about their financial role and focus on at's all him saying. >> take itne step further. what does it really mean melissa: so what? does a really mean? charles you always give investment advice for people to grow their best day to ifs, people look at the women as the nerd is kind of you said for
12:46 am
is not necessarily good for growing your nest egg into the future maybe we need to be on the same page. >> maybe we should. melissa: maybe? >> the friends said they collected money from everyone at the wedding.. [laughter] because it she looked at him and said handed ov stupid. for mayor daley realized he i did not get married begs he got a supervisor but somebody has to be in charge.ssa: i choosing devil has shifted a lot. melissa: what about the family meeting?if >> i cannot get them together if they want something they are f unstoppable. >> data and a free fix the t problem but thank you.
12:47 am
tony, you are able. melissa: he went home with flowers that night did he was smart. wait until you see what happens when we tried to do a focus group. charlie: to know what stuart party looks like when he has no idea what is happening around him? you can never have too much moneyex
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melissa: in case you have not hea one company, a dog to be a new channel designed specifically for a man's best friend but it is not free. we wanted to know if the company could t this fees
12:51 am
from the pet owners. we brought in some special guests. take a look. >> we have a special focus group tting it out. aren't they cute? is chief content officer, ron, had to decide what dogs want to watch?. >> that is a challenge. that is our audience right there next to you it is on sically there are seven different studies about how dogs see and hear what they neee and what we did to put it according to wt we know they see different colors d did we do they hear different so we put it together to put the right programming for dogs. melissa: researchers say when we're at work they are at home sleeping so your
12:52 am
pricing is $9.99 for a month if the dog is sleeping if not watching tv why would wou they pay for that? the price is his online butay. directv is only for 99 per month.e of dogs to sleep most of -- a most of the day because of their hearing every animal passing by its very breezyro every door knobnm is verylone breezy so we give them the environment to deal, but also to stimulate them. we have content that is a relaxation, the stimulation and also exposure content that is good for their-- education. melissa: really looking at the dogs they have not bothered to look but i g imagine they're moretudi fascinated with the studio. what is the difference between watching dog to be
12:53 am
or if you just left the tv all in? >> so many people leave the tv dog on the bet without dantes b. because it is aby t recommendation that it isv better for them but the t problem is a lot ofin will channels, but it was not designed for dogs there are commercial breaks, a lot of talking and scary animals. we created every frame and every sound is exactly forry dogs away the see the world that is very different thand uss.. melissa: the are not advertisements of the entire way to support it is justubsc through subscription? can you get enough people? how was it going so far? >> we hope so it is stillo for free.ll but it will be $4 but did since aot of people returning in.
12:54 am
melissa: new design the content? how often can you do reruns'? can you keep it fresh or the same loop how do they know? i but that is a great question the there is research about the memory of a dog if this season they were then to three timestime he starts towe'r recognize he already saw that so we do treat -- tried to keep a fresh maybe three times per month that is it. melissa: that is a lot of content. thank you. that is it may sound crazy but i have to it mitt i would probably buy it for my dogs to watch if i had any. the twitter first did not let me down to storm stuart
12:55 am
varney set it is all right after this you can never have too much money.ñ@ç@çpçpç
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messa: ask and you shall receive. not many things will phase stuart varney but a twitter-inspired ambush on his show really seemed to do t trick. watch this. stuart varney. >> what's going on? >> have you been watching twitter. i'mere to storm the set of. you have no idea what i'm talking about? roll the tape. this is all-star game at citi field where a fan rushed field. was taken down by security guards. he did it he tweeted if he got a thousand retweets he would storm the field. big whoop. i've seen that a million times. all right, if i get a thousand retweets i will run on to stuart varney's set in the middle o his show. >> what?
12:59 am
>> yes. thank you, ank you all for the retweets, cheers. stuart. >> this is a total -- melissa: i'm taking over. this is it. i'm here forever. just kidding about that but -- that was not funny. stuart did not think that part was funny. your fans have spoken. >> that is amazing. melissa: stoing your set. you look shocked. i thought you might warned you that i'm on my way but your twitter fans retweeted but alas. >> you can storm this set any day you like. melissa: isn't he a good sport. i love him. he is not even pressing charges. now i need to figure out my next twitter dare, right? that's all we have for you today. i hope you enjoyed our special fbn must-see tv, i loved it! see you tomorrow. "the willis report" is next.
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